This remix has taken ages to go anywhere and just now has it taken off. Super happy where this is going!

The problem I am going to have is the EQing, I have like 3 super distorted basses/leads (and the sub isn’t even in yet) all taking up a variety of frequencies, I am going to have to be super harsh with this if I want to keep it clean while also preserving the bit of each sample I like.

In other news I izotope trash is my current favourite thing, just makes everything sound grungy as hell and I LOVE IT!

It is funny how a track can do so little for so long and then once you are on a roll BOOM you have the foundations of what seems to be something good and it is also approaching midnight!

I really hope this sounds good in the cold light of day. 


Questions are a fire that needs feeding to survive.

(Them Crooked Vultures - “Reptiles”)

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